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Prenatal Bosu Balance Trainer​ Exercises

During pregnancy, your body will experience a multitude of changes, adjustments and challenges. Your center of gravity shifts, and you're suddenly met with the presence of relaxin, a hormone which loosens your joints.


Therefore, workouts during pregnancy need to offer and safely support the stability your body needs while pregnant.






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Ready to try some Bosu Balance Trainer exercises?


These prenatal exercises, which you can find here at, are brought to you by our Global Fitness Director, Farel Bischoff Hruska, are a perfect addition to your #prenatal strength training routine while safely supporting you and your growing baby bump. 

Shelley Hopper

Mama to a cub just trying to bloom with grace. Wanderlusting where the air is salty and life is sweet. FIT4MOM Digital Media Manager and Editor. Food stylist + blogger at @saltysweetseasons. Chips and salsa obsessed, golden retriever lover, and single mama to sweet babe, Tanner Kai, who's my whole wide world.

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