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Shelley Hopper

Shelley Hopper

Mama to a cub just trying to bloom with grace. Wanderlusting where the air is salty and life is sweet. FIT4MOM Digital Media Manager and Editor. Food stylist + blogger at @saltysweetseasons. Chips and salsa obsessed, golden retriever lover, and single mama to sweet babe, Tanner Kai, who's my whole wide world.

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Finding Time for Yourself (When It Feels Like You Have None)

By | on 31, Mar 2020

Anyone else feeling like you're stuck on a Groundhog-Day-Hamster-Wheel-Mom-Hangover? The days are jumbling together, the number of times we're hearing the name "Mom/Mama/Mommy" has increased by 230498[...]

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Astronaut Christina Koch Returns Back to Earth After Setting a Record-Breaking Space Mission of 328 Days

By | on 08, Feb 2020 | news women history women in space women in history trending news women in the news current news space NASA christina koch space mission women of NASA

Astronaut Christina Koch, 40-year-old Expedition 61 flight engineer, has safely returned to Earth after making space history as the longest-ever single spaceflight by a woman. She was originally expec[...]

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Make it a Date: 5 Move Partner Workout

By | on 07, Feb 2020 | postpartum fitness mom life FIT4MOM quick workout mom workout workout for moms partner workout

Working out with your BFF, another mama, or your partner can help you find extra motivation, have fun, and helps time pass quicker (which is especially nice when you're struggling to get through a tou[...]

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31 Ways to Do You This New Year

By | on 27, Dec 2019

2020 is your year to shine. It's time to say goodbye to 2019 and hello to a new decade. What's the first step in doing so? Committing to simple daily check-ins with yourself. Doing things that raise y[...]

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Holiday Hostess with the Mostess Essentials

By | on 13, Dec 2019 | holiday shopping list hostess holiday party

'tis the season for hosting holiday parties and family get-togethers. Whether you're planning a sugar cookie decorating event, gingerbread house competition, Hanukkah party, Christmas Eve shindig, or [...]

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Annual Holiday Gift Guide -- For Everyone on the Nice List

By | on 10, Dec 2019 | christmas shopping christmas list holiday gift guide gift guide gifts for mom gifts for babies holiday shopping list gifts for dad gifts for kids

It's the mostttt wonderful timeeeee of the yearrrrr....our annual holiday gift guide is here!! Packed with ideas for everyone on your nice list, shop effortlessly for Mom, Dad, aunties, uncles, grandp[...]

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10 Ways to Practice Gratitude

By | on 19, Nov 2019 | motherhood mental health mental health for mom wellness mental wellness postpartum wellness gratitude thanksgiving 5 Days of Thanks and Giving thankful maternal mental health grateful practicing gratitude thanks and giving art of gratitude be thankful

Practicing gratitude is extremely beneficial to one's mental and physical health, can improve sleep, enhance relationships, help boost self-worth, and overall, does a body good.

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Cancer + Motherhood: What One Survivor Wants You to Know

By | on 28, Oct 2019 | breast cancer breast cancer awareness

38.4% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime (National Cancer Institute, 2019). 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 

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'tis the Season for Pumpkin Spice (and Skin Protection)

By | on 07, Oct 2019 | motherhood FIT4MOM women's health fall giveaway lady face sun damage blue light sunscreen sunshine mom must-haves blue light emissions earth mama sun protection sunscreen stick summertime lady face sun stick

While we are totally here for the fact fall is here -- the days are beginning to shorten and pumpkin spice everything is starting to follow our every move -- the reality is, most climates are still wa[...]

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Fresh Fall Recipes + Grocery GIVEAWAY!

By | on 20, Sep 2019 | cooking FIT4MOM blue apron giveaway

In our Back-to-School Magazine, which you can find here, we shared some of our favorite recipes to help make weeknight cooking easier and keep your time in the kitchen enjoyable. We are thrilled to an[...]

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