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Farel B. Hruska

Farel B. Hruska

Mom of three girls. Crazy passionate about empowering MOMS. Island girl at heart.

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Top 5 Moves to Help Build a Strong Core Postpartum

By | on 29, Mar 2018 | postpartum fitness postpartum postpartum wellness postnatal fitness postpartum healing postpartum body postpartum core core workout ab workout core strengthening abdominals workout

During pregnancy, a woman's body experiences SO many changes - physically, hormonally, emotionally, and more. When it comes to the physical aspect, pregnancy shifts the body profoundly and a woman's 3[...]

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10 minute Sanity Workout: BACK to YOU during the Holidays

By | on 16, Dec 2016 | Mini Workouts

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Get Moving with Your Stroller, Mama!

By | on 09, Sep 2016 | Articles

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3 Exercise Tips for a Strong Prenatal Core

By | on 02, Sep 2016 | Articles

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Want Another Reason to Exercise During Your Pregnancy?

By | on 19, Aug 2016 | Articles

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Hi, New Mom...You Belong Here!

By | on 29, Jul 2016 | Articles

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Stroller Fitness: Row, Back Pedal, Push and Pull!

By | on 01, Jul 2016 | Articles

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Purpose + Passion = Progress

By | on 17, Jun 2016 | Articles

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Moms, You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are!

By | on 27, May 2016 | Articles

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Remember Her? She's Still There!

By | on 20, May 2016 | Articles

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