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Your Recipe For Life

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I was thinking the other day when making dinner how there must be a recipe for a happy life. We are always thinking that we need more of something. More money or more time or more things. But more doesn't always make a recipe better. More sugar doesn't make your cake better. More flour doesn't make your bread better. You also can't make the bread rise if you don't have the yeast. A recipe needs just the right amount.

What ingredients should be in your daily life? Is there something missing in your recipe? An ingredient like rest, fun or adventure?

Every recipe is different. Here is my recipe for a happy life..


2 cups love

1 cup of friendship

1/2 cup of positivity

A generous handful of health

A pinch of patience

Add a dash of kindness, adventure and laughter.

Mix together daily and serve with a warm side of compassion and respect.

Lisa Druxman

Idea monkey who loves dark coffee, yummy breakfasts, quick workouts and long meditations. Sharing my answers about life and motherhood as I'm figuring it all out.

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