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Soldier's Angel

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When I think about the month of May, I think about the upcoming “summer” and the holidays that arrive with it. I say “summer” because I am from Seattle. Do we even have sunshine or a summer? We do! Not for nearly as long as I like, but it does happen. With May/summer comes family time and summer holidays!

The highlights for May are Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. As a grandchild of two very honorable men that fought for the freedom of this country, I truly respect those that dedicate their lives to fighting for my family’s freedom.

As the owner of two FIT4MOM franchises, FIT4MOM Bellevue and FIT4MOM Redmond, we are active in our community. Supporting local teen homeless shelters, community clean up projects and events and our local division of the Humane Society.

For May we wanted to combine the idea of Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. So we adopted a deployed female soldier. We wanted to find a way to show a fellow mom some FIT4MOM love. We are working with Soldiers' Angels. Soldiers’ Angels allows deployed service members register and be matched with an Angel. Once matched, that Angel will send the service member at least two letters a month and at least one care package a month until the service member returns home.

Our soldier is a Washington mom of a three-year-old little boy, deployed at the Persian Gulf. At this time, her husband is also deployed. Her term of deployment is for about 7 months. So for each week in May we sent a care package – Pictures colored by our little ones, notes from us moms and our soldier has asked for small things. Like toiletries, DVDs, books, scented lotions; small things that can be sent in a small box. Super easy. After the month of May we will send her a package a month. FIT4MOM clients have been bringing donations to classes and our Outreach Coordinator has been boxing it up and sending it to our adopted soldier.

This has been an amazing way to expand our village outside of our local FIT4MOM franchises and also supporting a mom that is away from her family and fighting for ours. Regardless if we agree with the war or not, this family is paying the ultimate price for each of the families that call FIT4MOM Bellevue and FIT4MOM Redmond home.

We hope this inspires you and other FIT4MOM franchises to reach out to Soldiers’ Angels and adopt a deployed soldier of your own!


- We joined the Ladies of Liberty Team so they could guarantee us a female deployed soldier.

- Ginger at Soldiers’ Angels was an amazing help with making sure we also connected with a local Washington mom.

- Ladies of Liberty also hosts local meet-ups in case your group is looking for more hands on work.

- Think about customs! Each box needs to be declared. This is just a few more minutes and one extra form at the Post Office.

We hope this inspires you and other FIT4MOM franchises to reach out to Soldiers’ Angels and adopt a deployed soldier of your own!

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