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My Own Personal Testimonial


I don't usually share my fitness and health journeys. I find that I am usually celebrating everyone else's. Well, now I'm sharing my journey with you.

When I became pregnant with Violeta back in 2011 I was in very good shape. I had just finished STP (a bike ride from Seattle to Portland--roughly 210 miles) and a half marathon. I was in great shape and probably in the best shape of my life. During that pregnancy I felt terrible during my first trimester with morning sickness and overwhelming fatigue. I craved carbs-mashed potatoes, bread and macaroni and cheese were a staple for me. I quit working out because I didn't feel good and was too tired. I noticed that I lost a lot of muscle mass and gained more weight than I thought I ever could at one time.

I kept up the lack of exercise and eating well throughout my pregnancy. I was a Physical Therapist Assistant! I "lifted" people at work! Wasn't that enough? NO. I was just doing my normal day to day activities. When you do that your body doesn't truly get a workout. Doing the same thing every day causes your body to adapt and it doesn't feel challenged. Without challenge there isn't change. My back was starting to hurt and I was experiencing intense sciatic pain along with having zero energy.

Fast forward to Stroller Strides. I started going when Violeta was 4 months old. I developed strong muscles, endurance and felt what I am sure is the strongest point of my life. I was "Fit 4 Motherhood!" I became Body Back certified and started following the meal plan. I learned to eat better and that complimented my fitness very well. I kept up the healthy eating and exercise until I became pregnant with Baby #2.

What a difference! I have felt so good this pregnancy! I have kept up the healthy eating (except for a few pregnancy cravings-yes, I give in!). I have been able to keep up with nearly 3-year-old Violeta, run a business and work part-time. I took a picture of myself when I was 25 weeks pregnant with Violeta and then again at 25 weeks pregnant with Baby #2. I knew I felt better, but the results were obvious. I am more toned, look happier and don't look as tired. One thing you can't see in that picture is the lack of back pain. My core has stayed very strong this pregnancy and a strong core helps alleviate back pain.

I can only say so much about the difference that Fit4Mom has made for me. Clearly I love Fit4Mom otherwise I wouldn't have started my own franchise, but I am also reaping the rewards of being a successful member! Fit4Mom has helped me to stay strong in a supportive environment with other mamas. I am so happy that I found Fit4Mom!

This post originally appeared on FIT4MOM South Seattle

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