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Meet Jesscia, our June MOM- Motivating Mom of the Month. Jesscia has been a client for over 9 months! She started with her first class last September with her newborn daughter Aleska!This month we recognize Jessica for her accomplishment and dedication to fitness, motherhood and life! Everyone who knows her at Stroller Strides is lucky to call her a friend. Without further ado, here is her take on motherhood, fitness and making it all work.

I'm a mother of 2, an almost 4 year old boy named Luka and a 9 month old girl named Aleksa. I have previously worked as an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the past 8 years. Currently, I am a stay at home mom. I am currently "a work in progress" as I am trying to find my stride as a mother of 2, a now stay at home mom/wife, and as I progress through my journey towards health and fitness. I have lost almost all of my baby weight and become stronger and more flexible since joining this program. I feel so much stronger and have so much more endurance and stamina when it comes to working out since I started with Fit4Mom last fall. I look forward to the health benefits and continued weight loss and toning as I continue on this amazing journey.

I was motivated to join Fit4Mom because I knew how challenging it would be to find time to work out with a new baby, as I had struggled with this after having my first child. I wanted to be fit, strong and healthy; not only for myself, but for my children as well. I want to be the best example that I can be. But in the past I have always been intimidated when starting any fitness program at any of the gyms that I had attended. That intimidation always ended up getting in the way of sticking with any program I had tried before. Fit4Mom just felt different. Jenny is so warm and encouraging. All the other moms have been wonderful too. It's a total judgement free zone and we are all supportive of one another. It has been a great experience and has kept me coming back faithfully.

To get and stay healthy I have been attending Fit4Mom twice a week and have been aiming to get at least 2 other workouts in during the rest of the week. I try to eat as much whole food as possible and limit the amount of processed food that I eat. I try very hard to feed my family whole foods as well and do a lot of cooking from "scratch." I love cooking, so that helps too :) My house may not always be perfectly tidy, but at least we eat a relatively healthy diet ;)

Fit4Mom has made me a stronger and more energetic person. Not only physically, but emotionally. Having physical strength and energy can make dealing with the emotionally draining aspects of motherhood. I've noticed that I have a lot more patience for a toddler melt down on the days that I work out and have those endorphins kicking in!

Answering what I am most proud of is has changed so much. In the past I would have said graduating with my RN/BSN, getting my NICU certification, and finishing a half marathon. Now it would of course be my children and my husband who worked like crazy during med school and residency.

My happiest moments are the birth of my children, the day we got to take Aleksa home from being in the NICU, the night that I got engaged, and crossing the finish line of the half marathon that I ran.

My advice to moms who want to get healthy is find a program that works for you and stick to it. Fit4Mom was great for me since I could work out with my baby while getting social and emotional support from my instructor and other moms going through the same daily struggles that I was going through. It's a great way to take care of yourself and still be able to take care of your baby

Originally posted here from FIT4MOM Port Orange/New Smyrna

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