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YUM from Ella's Kitchen


Spring and summer are almost here, yippee!!! Let’s celebrate the warm weather with a picnic and a deeelicious drink not from concentrates and made just for BIG KIDS ! Now available exclusively at Target stores, Ella’s Kitchen® certified USDA organic smoothie drinks provide a full serving of fruit in every 8 fl oz. serving.

Launched as part of the Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target™ Campaign, to create yummy, healthy and innovative products little ones will love, the new Ella’s Kitchen® Smoothie Drinks are perfect for big kids in three scrumptious flavors like superrr sweet potato + mango, amaaazing apple + zucchini, and mmmightly strawberry + red beet! An unsweetened alternative* to juice boxes, each smoothie drink provides one full serving of fruit and is a good source of Vitamin C per 8 fl oz! They are made from pureed fruit (not concentrates), and are unsweetened with 8-9 grams of sugar per serving from fruit making them a perfect pick-me-up for explorers without the fake stuff – that parents can feel good about giving to kids!

Ella’s Kitchen® has made these smoothie drinks easy to pack in a backpack for camp, in a lunch box for school, to bring on a family picnic at after school activities or even birthday parties. Available for sale in May at Target stores in a 4-pack, $4.99 each.

(*Not a low calorie food)

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