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Women's Entrepreneurship Day

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Did you know that Nov. 19th is Women's Entrepreneurship Day? It's a global movement to celebrate, support and empower female founders. This day is being celebrated in 144 countries! No nation has yet achieved gender equality, yet women are rocking our world with their innovative new companies. If we can help women become entrepreneurial, it can have a dramatic impact on the economy and her family. In many countries, the conditions for entrepreneurship are unfavorable. With nationwide events, Women's Entrepreneur Day is hoping to advance female entrepreneurship.

Women own 10.6 million businesses in the United States.

They employ 19.1 million workers--that's one in every seven employees.

Their businesses account for $2.5 trillion in sales.

Check out these NAWBO stats on women and business and you can clearly see why we need more women entrepreneurs...

  • More than 9.1 million firms are owned by women, employing nearly 7.9 million people, and generating $1.4 trillion in sales as of 2014.
  • Women-owned firms (50% or more) account for 30% of all privately held firms and contribute 14% of employment and 11% of revenues.
  • Over the past seven years, the overall increase of 8.3 million (net) new jobs is comprised of a 9.2 million increase in employment in large, publicly traded corporations, combined with a 893,000 decline in employment among smaller, privately held companies.

Businesses Owned by Women of Color

  • 2.9 million firms are majority-owned by women of color in the U.S.
  • These firms employ 1.4 million people and generate $226 billion in revenues annually.

Million Dollar Businesses

  • One in five firms with revenue of $1 million or more is woman-owned.
  • 4.2% of all women-owned firms have revenues of 1 million or more.

I am proud to be a woman entrepreneur. And I am even prouder to have created an opportunity for our franchisees to be entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, there is no glass ceiling. We can walk our talk and create our own rules about what work life balance should look like.

Please share and support Women's Entrepreneur Day Let's celebrate women in business and make the world a better place for our next generation of entrepreneurs! #WomenWOW

Lisa Druxman

Idea monkey who loves dark coffee, yummy breakfasts, quick workouts and long meditations. Sharing my answers about life and motherhood as I'm figuring it all out.

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