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What kind of world do you want for your family in 2030?


Join the Global Moms Relay.

From May 1 to June 19, 2015 (just before Mother’s Day through Father’s Day), every few days a celebrity, community leader, or everyday mom and dad, will share a personal story on the kind of future they want for their family and the world, and then “pass the baton” to the next contributor. Each time you share a post, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 for each share on each social network, up to $300,000, to help moms and children through UNICEF, MAMA, Shot@life, and Girl Up.

We love the idea of mothers changing the world for good so we wanted to share this relay with you. I'll kick it off by sharing my own story for what I want for my family in 2030.

In 2030, I hope our children will use technology to create positive power. I hope they will use their innovation to find ways to help other people, communities and cultures. I hope my kids find their passionate purpose and seek careers where they contribute to bettering the lives of others in some way. I hope we have found a way to stigmatize hate, bulling and shaming. I want it to be a world with tolerance for differences in religion and politics and personal beliefs. I hope we have developed a new generation of children who realize their incredible power and ability to change the world. I hope and pray that we have demanded for better quality food and eliminated the artificial, packaged, processed fake foods that feed our children today. More than anything, I hope that moms TODAY realize that they are creating the future for our family.

Share a story and money will be donated to great organizations such as Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action, Girl Up, Shot At Life, Unicef/

Lisa Druxman

Idea monkey who loves dark coffee, yummy breakfasts, quick workouts and long meditations. Sharing my answers about life and motherhood as I'm figuring it all out.

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