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The All Too Common, Pesky Ear Infection


There is nothing worse than having your child scream in pain and not knowing what is wrong. In many cases, the cause of discomfort is an ear infection.During peak infection times like flu season, back to school and spring allergies, ear infection concerns can wreak havoc over your household. Ear infections are not only the most common cause of pediatrician visits after the common cold but also a common cause of sleepless nights for parents.With this in mind the team at CellScope, a digital health company based in San Francisco have built an innovative solution to help parents get quick and trusted answers for their kids’ ear concerns. The Oto is a smart device that transforms the iPhone into an ear checker tool.* The Oto allows parents to capture a video of their child’s eardrum and get an immediate answer from a network of on-call pediatricians.

Here are a few reasons parents are calling the Oto a ‘must have for every busy parent’s medicine cabinet.’

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Doctor and ER Visits. Before you schlep the whole family to a germ-filled doctor's office or make a late night trip to urgent care, share a video of your child’s ear with an on-call pediatrician.

  2. Get Peace of Mind When Traveling: With the Oto you can consult a doctor even when miles away from home. If your child begins to complain or show signs of ear pain, simply take out your Oto from your travel bag. Take an ear video and send it to one of the Oto’s certified doctors for an immediate answer. Parents with kids with recent ear infections, can also use the Oto to determine whether it is a good idea to fly or not (cabin pressure can aggregate infected ears.)

  3. Monitor Ears from Home - many mild to moderate cases of ear infections will go away on their own. Often parents are instructed by their pediatricians to wait and see how their child’s ear infection progresses over time before taking antibiotics. Parents with the Oto can share ear videos with their pediatricians or the Oto’s on-call doctors.

In an effort to bring happier, healthier ears to the FIT4MOM community, we are offering an exclusive discount for FIT4MOM friends and family. Use or share promo code FIT4MOM20 for 20% off the Oto at purchase at

For more information on the Oto, you can learn more at

*The Oto is compatible with the iPhone 5, 5s, 6 or 6s.

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