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Motivating Mom Wendy of FIT4MOM SouthWest Plano

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Tell us about yourself

Hi,I’m Wendy and I love FIT4MOM! I turned 26 in April and have two loving and energetic boys, Jadiel (5) and Nico (2). I’m a SAHM and the owner of FIT4MOM Southwest Plano, TX. I currently teach Stroller Strides and working on adding Body Back in the future. My hobbies include dancing, homeschooling my 5yr old and of course, exercise.

Share where you are in your fitness journey

My fitness journey began last October, when I joined Body Back. This program is what reignited my passion for fitness. While in high school I was a runner, but as time progressed and I had children , asthma reappeared and "took" fitness away from me. Last fall, after Body Back, I realized that something was missing in my life, taking time to care for myself. I made a firm decision to never let go of fitness again, and beat the odds against me. Every day I resolved to 30 min HITT workouts with 12 floors of stair climbing and my results, complete transformation! I lost 45 lbs in 6 months! My new fitness challenge on my list is kickboxing, weight lifting and running! I ran my first 5k! Take that asthma!

What motivated you to make a change?

Unfortunately, postpartum depression and anxiety took over my mind after my 2nd child was born. While his first year was amazing, now that I look back, I lost myself. I became just mom, all the my other roles as friend, sister, wife flew out the door. Seeking medical attention was my starting point, but I didnt want to depend on medication. Once I discovered FIT4MOM, I realized " Wow there are moms out there that really care!" My motivation to change, is that I matter! I can be a mom and still be who I am as a person. Taking care of myself, is as important as caring for my family!

Here is the question our moms are dying to know the answer to: What are you doing to get/stay so healthy!?

My number one rule at my house, no sugar foods! Sugar is the #1 enemy for a healthy diet. Fruits & veggies overflow in my fridge. Exercise is part of my daily routine. Even if I do 5 min, it makes a huge difference! Making a grocery list and sticking to it, helps you make a routine on what foods to buy from week to week. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy my sweet treats, but only on Friday. It ranges from dark chocolate to gelato (italian ice cream). If I do eat a "not to healthy meal" (pizza, my weakness) my next workout is pretty intense and I shoot for burning the calories I ate. My best weight management tip - don’t eat more calories than you burn.

It can be SO HARD to find “me” time when you are taking care of your family, how were you able to make these healthy changes and stick to them while still doing all of you other day to day duties?

I made exercise part of my daily routine. I scheduled time with myself every day and put alerts on my calendar. There was no way around it! Naptime is my exercise time. If my kids are around, I have them join me. On the days that kids were not up for it, I have no guilt putting on a 30 min TV show so I can get my workout in. Having "me" time as a mom is NOT impossible! Find times in the day like early morning, bedtime, lunchtime, and even that favorite TV show time is a great time to do exercise. The house work can wait another 20 min while you do you. As a working mom, use your lunch time! There is always time for you!

How do you feel now? How has this changed your life?.

I feel complete. I feel sane. I took control of my PPD & anxiety and no longer is my life controlled. My wall of self doubt crumbled as I built my wall of strength. My health transformation boosted my self confidence in that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. My children see me happier and strong. My 5 yr old calls me a beautiful princess. On a certain day, I had received some amazing news, my son came up to me and said " Mommy, I am happy because you are happy". My heart just melted! What I want for my children to have is a happy, healthy, strong mom! What are you most proud of? Or list your happiest moment.

When I stepped onto that scale, I was not expecting such a difference. Complete shock came over me! Honeslty, I was having fun working out and didnt even have an ideal weight goal. One of my happiest moments was when I was able to run a 5k without stopping. When I reached for my wedding dress and it fit, wow! What I gained the most, is the will, the will to reach to shoot for the stars!

What advice do you have for other moms who want to get healthy?

Take one day at a time, be patient with yourself. Rome wasn't built in a day and changes wont happen overnight. Having a positive support system is very important for your success, reaching out to a FIT4MOM group is always a great place to start. Remember to live in the moment and cherish your children and motherhood. Embrace the challenges and welcome change. Dont be afraid to try something new. And lastly, if you feel that you have postpartum depression, find support as soon as you can. You can overcome, succeed and be a happy healthy mom!

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