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Imagine How You Could Feel A Year From Now...NOW is Your Time!

New Years 2016 small.png

Happy 2016, from FIT4MOM!

As you reflect on the year we just completed, please remember all that you accomplished and grew from. SEE your progress, your moments of joy and laughter. It's crucial that we sit in the GOOD from 2015 before springing towards change. Life happens in the now, so right now, please appreciate what was right from this past year. (pause)

Ok, looking forward, what would you like to see happen in your life in 2016?

What are your desires for your life?

  • Do you want to move with more strength?
  • Have a more present mindset?
  • Do you want to complete an event? 5k? 10k?
  • Live with more joy?
  • Smile more?

It's more than just identifying "wants". Do you want them enough to go after them and see just what could happen in your life this year? Put your plan in place, with do-able steps to make this year different. If this is our one shot here on this beautiful planet, let's live fully!

Imagine How You Could Feel A Year From Now...NOW is Your Time!

*Find your village to guide your journey at FIT4MOM

Farel B. Hruska

Mom of three girls. Crazy passionate about empowering MOMS. Island girl at heart.

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