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Friday Fitness with Farel: Pssst...Here's Your Posture Secret!

Your head is a mass.png

Looking for a quick fix for your posture issues? Here it is...Elongate and Widen your MASSES & SPACES!

Not clear? Let me explain. I was recently at a fitness conference where I attended a TRX training session and this concept was explained:

"Imagine that your head is a mass, your neck is a space, your chest is a mass and your waist is a space. Now, elongate and widen both your masses and spaces". Suddenly, the whole room of trainers stood taller.

We all strive to move through our world with more energy, power and ease. Proper posture can give you all that, unfortunately, motherhood is one of the biggest contributors to pulling us all out of neutral. If you can remember this message of masses and spaces, it could help you walk taller, too!

Farel B. Hruska

Mom of three girls. Crazy passionate about empowering MOMS. Island girl at heart.

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