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Check Your Car Seat Today


As parents we all fear at some point of something happening as we transport our children in our cars each and every day. There are ways that BOB/Britax and FIT4MOM would like to ensure you and your child's utmost safety. We urge you to please take the extra time to make sure your children are buckled in safely and correctly. Please make sure you are not misusing your car seat in the following ways:

1. Forward Facing too soon

2. Loose Harness Straps

3. Incorrect Harness Strap Height

4. Incorrectly Positioned Chest Clip

5. Loose Car Seat Installation

6. Exceeding the Latch Weight Limit

7. Not Using the Top Tether

8. Installing Rear Facing at the Wrong Angle

9. Using a Pre-Owned Carseat

10. Using an Expired Car Seat

Please visit the full description of each misuse here to learn more!

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