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Building Healthy Bodies with Real Ingredients

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What parent hasn’t dealt with picky eaters, refusing to eat their flavorful fruits and leafy green veggies, or even taking a daily vitamin? Or how about a little or big kid that refuses to drink enough water to stay hydrated while busy playing? These obstacles are usually easier to deal with than a child suffering from a cold, flu or unwelcomed stomach bug.

Now parents and kiddos can take advantage of tasty and organic options at home with naturally occurring electrolytes to help replenish lost nutrients. Just in time to add into your pantry, the Ella’s Kitchen® brand has launched two new product lines available at Target in partnership with the Made to Matter, Handpicked by Target™ campaign. You can find their new drinks in the formula aisle.

New from Ella’s Kitchen®, tasty and certified USDA organic nutritional shakes and electrolyte* drinks tha tare made with real ingredients with naturally rehydrating properties to help replenish lost nutrients . Perfect from park to playground, and easy to pack in lunchboxes, free of additives, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, Ella’s Kitchen® Organic Coconut + Milk Nutritional Shakes and Organic Coconut Water Electrolyte* Drinks are the organic alternatives to electrolyte drinks and supplemental shakes currently on the shelf (think no fortification, artificial colors flavors and other added nasties!).

  • Ella’s Kitchen® Coconut + Milk Nutritional Shakes contain the nutritional benefits and properties needed to help little ones grow bigger and stronger in a tasty shake for even the pickiest eaters! Available in Broccoli, pears + plums and Banana, apricot + raisins, these organic shakes are made with just real ingredients; the only thing they are missing is the fake stuff (additives, artificial colors, flavors and fortification). These shakes provide 44% of daily protein, 30% of daily calcium needs per 8oz. serving

  • Ella’s Kitchen® Organic Coconut Water Electrolyte* Drinks are available in two delicious flavors (Pears + berries and Banana + ginger) and are packed with naturally-occurring electrolytes* – 170mg Chloride, 110mg Potassium and 115-120mg Sodium per serving – to help replenish lost nutrients and electrolytes. Perfect for nutritious hydration after school, after dance rehearsal or soccer games, these drinks can easily be packed in a lunchbox, so they are always ready to go and delicious to drink.

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