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Buffalo Chickpea Burgers



Toppings (optional):

note: It works best to chop everything in a food processor separately in order to achieve the perfect texture for each. You can use regular oats if you aren’t concerned with the gluten. You can also reduce the buffalo sauce for less of a kick, but if you do you will need to add a little water to replace the liquid. I did not need any more salt in mine but feel free to add a bit according to your taste. To make this nut free, use another flour such as oat flour to replace the almond meal. Do not just add more oats as this mixture needs a little bit of a smooth flour to set correctly.

Tips to prep ahead: Chop veggies and beans beforehand so all you need to do the day you make it is put it all together.


Mix 2 tablespoon ground flaxseed with 6 tablespoons warm water in a small bowl and set aside for 10 minutes to make flax eggs.

Chop chickpeas, carrots, celery and cauliflower in a food processor until chunky but not pasty. It’s best to chop separately. Put into a large bowl. Slice/chop green onions and add to the bowl.

Next add the gluten free oats, almond meal, flax eggs and buffalo wing sauce and mix well. Add salt and pepper if needed, start with a few shakes of each and taste until you get the flavor you want. Mix well with your hands to get everything mashed together well into a firm, but slightly, wet dough.

Once you get the taste you like, allow mixture to set a while so oats soak in some liquid (you can also do this after you shape into burgers). This really helps with consistency so that they are not mushy, but have a firmer bite.

Shape into 4 inch patties (you can use a burger press if you have one), then cook on stove top over medium heat in a medium sized pan for 4-5 minutes on each side (depending on stove). Make sure to keep pan covered to help the burger cook throughout and achieve the best texture possible. This helps prevent a mushy burger. Check every few minutes to prevent burning, should be slightly browned when ready.

Allow the burgers to cool a bit to further help set them into a non mushy consistency, then serve on buns and with toppings of choice. Pair with Baked Cornmeal and Pepita Crusted Onion Rings

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