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Boost Your Toddler’s Brain Development

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Is there anything we want more than to have our children be healthy and happy? This is frequently the most expressed wish on the part of parents, according to a recent study*. We gladly take on both the responsibility and the extreme pleasure of striving to make this happen for our little ones

Happy & Healthy Children

For happy and healthy children it is extremely helpful for parents to understand how their brains grow and develop. Happy Family has made this extremely easy for parents in two exciting new ways!

Optimally functioning brains contribute a great deal to better moods, learning and overall health. The brain develops strong connections called synapes between the 100 billion brain cells a baby is born with through experiences. The time for the most rapid growth is in the early months of life. In fact:

· During the first 2 years, over 2 million new synapses are made every second

· By age 2, toddlers will have more than 100 trillion synapses

· 85% of brain growth happens in the first 3 years

For the healthiest development of these connections, a growing brain is dependent on loving, secure and responsive nurturing, hearing rich language, opportunities for movement and lots playful exploration of the world. A still maturing brain also is extremely reliant on exceptionally good nutrition.

An Invaluable Guide and an extraordinary NEW Toddler Milk

There are many questions caring parents have as they try to provide the best for their young children. It is comforting that answers to your questions about how to provide optimal nutrition for a toddler are provided by the outstanding Happy Tot Grow & Shine Organic Toddler Milk, and the valuable Toddler Activity Book from Happy Family.

The nutritional needs of children 12-24 months change and parents up until now have been unsure about what to provide. Click here to go to the helpful guide and get the details of how the special nutrition in Toddler Milk and easy-to-do activities can contribute to healthy development of your little one during this vital time in his or her life.

Here are just two of the fun activities for you from the guide:


Give your child a kiss, and then run a short distance away. When they catch you, give them another kiss. Continue as long as they seem interested, or switch it up and let them run away!


Encourage your toddler to use all their senses at the grocery store. Have them close their eyes and listen as you shake an item, or encourage them to feel produce. When you choose healthy items, tell them, “This is good for your brain.”

It is brilliant that Happy Family has provided parents with relief of mind!

Enjoy the benefits!

Source: BabyCenter online poll, 2014

Deborah McNelis , M.Ed is the founder of Brain Insights, a company successful in creating the awareness and understanding of the critical impact early brain development has on learning, well-being and success in life. She is the award-winning author of the unique "Brain Development Series" of pocket sized brain activity packets for parents and Naturally Developing Young Brains packet for early childhood educators. Deborah is an advisor to Happy Family on early brain development.

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