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BodyBack Transformation - Laurien McClue

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When did you start your first session of body back?

I was actively participating in stroller strides prior to joining body back. Kelly [Austin] did a Body Back preview class at the park. I remember that class very well because I thought I was going to die! I actually left the preview class thinking I wasn't going to do a session because it was too hard. Kelly talked me into it. The first few sessions were unbelievably hard. Not just from an exercise standpoint, but also emotionally. I left class a few times in tears. It was a time in my life when I was pretty miserable. I had recently lost my dad to cancer; given up my career in construction, to have children; and moved away from my family & friends. I was really struggling & willing to try anything to feel better. Body Back was something I was doing for me! My transformation started about 2 weeks into the session, but it didn't necessarily start with my weight, but more my mind. It was amazing how much better I felt & soon after I started losing weight too!

How have you been able to keep up the results from Body Back (mental and physical)?

When I joined my first Body Back session, I had no intention of doing more than 8 weeks, but then I became addicted to it. It worked for me! I lost 38lbs & lowered my cholesterol 105 points. So, there was no doubt I was going to keep doing it. I know that I'm doing something wonderful for my body and mind. I still use Body Back recipes & try to workout at least 3 days per week.

What would you say to a mom who is thinking about joining Body Back but is unsure of her ability or readiness?

Don't wait another day. You can spend months making excuses, or start changing your life today. You don't have to be fit already. Everyone starts somewhere & you'll be amazed how strong you've become in just 8 short weeks.

This was originally posted by FIT4MOM Rancho Cucamonga and La Verne

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