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More Time In Your Day

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Let's consider this part 2 to a time efficient week. On Monday, I did a blog post about how to get more efficient with your email. Today, I am going to find you some time. I keep hearing how you all need more time. Well, let's go out and get it.

If we find you more time, what are you going to do with it? Meditate? Exercise? Garden? Probably not. That is only going to happen if you make it a priority. So, first, figure out what you want more time for. If it's just to feel less busy, that's ok too!

Most moms are packed from sun up to sun down. They are busy with the house, the kids, the carpool and work. It's crazy. Chaotic. Sound familiar?

1) My first tip for you is going to sound just plain crazy. Impossible even. I want you to take a time out every day. Take 10 minutes to do nothing. Just relax. Recharge. There is something about slowing down that will also slow time.

2) Batch. Think about what you need to do for the week. It is much more efficient to run all errands on one day for example than one / day. Batch your time on the computer, doing paperwork, etc. One of the best tips is to cook a batch of meals once per week. Think about an assembly line. We know it's most efficient when you do just one thing focused at a time.

3) Delegate. You don't need a personal assistant to delegate. Have your kids do more. Yes they can do laundry, pack lunches, even vacuum. Ask your husband to pick up one errand per week for you. Hire a maid or a virtual assistant. Realize that you don't need to do it all!

4) Go on a TV diet. Ok, you don't have to cut it out all together. But cut out one show per week and you just found 4 hours / month! And if you do watch TV, watch only recorded shows so you can skip through commercials.

5) Cut back on email and social media. Turn off notifications which will distract you. See our blog post from Monday!

6) Fill the gap time. You know that seemingly wasted time when you are waiting for your car to get washed or waiting in line? How about the time when you are putting on make up or emptying the dishwasher? Or sitting in traffic? Don't go to the doctor without bringing something to do in the waiting room. You can use this time to make phone calls, listen to podcasts or problem solve an issue.

7) It takes a village. Carpool! It's so silly for each mom to drive her kids to school and sports. Work with each other. I have a carpool for sports where I only have to drive my son one day per week!

8) Give yourself a time limit. See our past blog about Parkinson's Law. Work expands to the time you give it. Set a timer and tell yourself that a task has to be done in that time.

9) Get organized and stay organized. Clutter will take you time! It takes more time to find what you need. Set aside some time to get organized. How much time to you spend looking for keys, files, your phone? Put in the same place every time! Re-organize monthly or as often as needed. Have one safe place for your lists. It is time consuming and stressful if you have notes everywhere. That was like an extra tip!

10) Identify your most productive time. We are all wired to have a most productive time. For me, it's first thing in the morning. So, I make sure to use that time wisely and task myself with getting the most important things done. I'm pretty much useless by 4:00 so I lower my expectations and get done easier tasks.

Our time is finite. We all have the same hours in the day. How you use those hours is a choice. You choose the most important things you want for your life. Fit in the rest around your priorities. Follow these simple tips and I promise you more time in your day!

Lisa Druxman

Idea monkey who loves dark coffee, yummy breakfasts, quick workouts and long meditations. Sharing my answers about life and motherhood as I'm figuring it all out.

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